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Fire Door Drop Testing

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Elmer Door and Exteriors installation technicians are experienced, trained, and certified to perform  official fire door drop testing which is essential for commercial or industrial facilities to operate and  stay in compliance. Fire doors must be inspected and tested annually as required by NFPA 80 (National  Fire Protection Association).   Our fire door drop testing is very methodical, rigorous, and well documented. We perform a visual  inspection, operational checks, drop test, and resetting of the fire door using DASMA (Door and  Access Systems Manufacturer’s Association) guidelines. In the event testing fails, we repair and  replace worn parts using only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) parts, retest as necessary, and  properly document all pass/fail test results to keep our customers in compliance.   Fire Door Drop Testing – is straight-forward, professionally done, with high quality when you use Elmer Door and Exteriors experienced, trained, and certified technicians.
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