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Residential Windows

Energy efficient and maintenance free windows and patio doors are essential for any home. We sell, install, and service the best quality windows and patio doors in the industry.

Below is a sample of the types of window and patio doors we sell. Click on the catalog button to learn more.

Double Hung Window

*Most popular! This type of window is composed of an upper and lower sash that can be moved up and down independently of each other, with each sash capable of being tilted inward for easy cleaning and maintenance

Slider Window

Horizontal sliding windows, operate like single or double hung windows but slide horizontally (left and right) instead of vertically (up and down)

Casement Windows

Almost identical in construction, with the biggest difference being the position of the hinge. Both window styles are composed of a single sash that’s hinged and cranks open and shut. Vinyl casement replacement windows have the hinge on the left or right; an awning window is a casement set on its side, with the hinge at the top.

Picture Windows

Stationary windows that work well in any room of the home, particularly in areas where you don’t want open windows to interfere with exterior landscaping or features like decks and walkways. The big advantage of picture windows is their unobstructed view, a great way to highlight beautiful outdoor scenery.

Bay and Bow Windows

A beautiful way to draw attention to your home’s exterior, even though they technically are not single windows. Bay and bow windows are constructed of double hung, casement and/or picture windows set side-by-side at varying angles.

Garden Window

Garden windows are ideal for bringing in extra light and providing a space to grow small plants or herbs. They also can be used in the bathroom or den as an alcove for decorative accents. The three-dimensional design of garden windows helps open up the room, providing an eye-catching way to increase the curb appeal of your home.

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Signs That You Need To Replace Your Windows

While a window with broken glass is easy to identify, there may be issues that are more challenging to detect. Our experts at Elmer Door & Exteriors in South Jersey are here to explain what to keep an eye out for, and how to pick the ideal window replacement installation.

There are multiple signs that your window may need a replacement. These include:

  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Higher energy bills
  • Outdoor noises are easily audible
  • Broken or warped window frame
  • And more

Factors To Consider When Selecting Replacement Windows

There are multiple factors that you should take into account when selecting the perfect replacement windows for your home in South Jersey. Make sure that you pick a window replacement that works within your budget. In most cases, it is recommended to replace your window with a similar style to avoid changing the structure of the opening. 

It’s also important to make sure that you get energy-efficient windows installed. This is determined by the quality of the windows and the expertise of your contractor. While it might cost more upfront to invest in high-quality windows, you’ll save on energy bills in the long term. Energy efficiency is especially important in rooms with many windows, such as sunrooms in South Jersey.

Why Choose Elmer Door & Exteriors?

We know that you have options to choose from in South Jersey, so why should you choose Elmer Door and Exteriors? We pride ourselves on providing quality window installations in South Jersey. We are licensed and certified, and follow all industry standards to ensure you’re left with functional windows that you love. We make it our mission to provide flawless installations, whether we’re on-site for a window installation or to install new patio doors in South Jersey

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