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Awnings in Ocean County, NJ

If you’re a homeowner in Ocean County, NJ, you know how hot the summer sun can be! Awnings are a great way to cool down your outdoor space and elevate your home’s monetary value and curb appeal. Elmer Door & Exteriors offers high-quality retractable awnings that can be customized to meet your unique needs, goals, and preferences.

Top Reasons To Install a Retractable Awning

There are so many benefits to retractable awnings, especially for areas like Ocean County, NJ. They’re a popular choice for homeowners here because they: 

  • Offer Protection: You can enjoy more summer days outside with the protection of a retractable awning. They block harmful UV rays, saving your skin and keeping you cooler while hanging out outside. They can also keep you dry during a summer storm, and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in different types of Ocean County, NJ weather. 
  • Are Energy Efficient: The shade offered by retractable awnings helps to keep the temperature inside your home a bit cooler. 
  • Provide More Living Space: An awning helps you get more out of your property space by turning outdoor square footage into a comfortable living area. 
  • Add Privacy: When they’re extended, retractable awnings add a level of privacy. 
  • Are Easy to Operate: Whether you choose manual or motorized awnings in Burlington County, NJ, they’re incredibly easy to extend and retract whenever you want. 

Common Locations Where You Can Install Awnings

Awnings are very versatile, able to be installed in many different locations along the outside walls of your home. Typically, they are best used above windows and doors, to protect them from damage and prevent too much sunlight from entering the home. Additionally, you can install your awning over your patio, deck, or balcony in Ocean County, NJ to make these spaces more comfortable. 

Our Awnings Come With a Warranty

Just like with any home improvement project, it’s important that you can trust the companies that did the work. Trustworthy awning installation companies in Ocean County, NJ like ours will offer a warranty so you can protect your investment. At Elmer Door & Exteriors, we pride ourselves on offering service and workmanship that you can depend on. All of our technicians are certified and highly experienced in the field, so you can trust that you’re getting the best of the best when you choose Elmer Door & Exteriors. 

If you would like to know more about an awning or garage door installation in Ocean County, NJ, contact us to speak with one of our representatives!