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Garage Door Services in Ocean County, NJ

Not only is a broken or malfunctioning garage door a huge inconvenience, but it also puts your Ocean County, NJ home at risk. Whether you need to repair your existing doors or are looking for a brand new installation to modernize your home, the experts at Elmer Door & Exteriors are here to help.

The Best Garage Door Installers

If you are in the market for a garage door installation service expert, look no further than Elmer Door & Exteriors! We take pride in our ability to give you the best garage door installation service you could ask for in Ocean County, NJ. Our experts are licensed, insured, and certified for installing garage doors in Ocean County, NJ and surrounding areas to restore the safety and functionality of your space.

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Garage Door

Just like any machine or mechanism in your home, over time it will deteriorate due to natural wear and tear. In some instances, a garage door repair in Egg Harbor Township, NJ or Ocean County, NJ may be sufficient in restoring functionality. If a simple fix is all you need, our experts will handle it swiftly! However, if the issues your garage doors are experiencing are more in-depth, you may need a full replacement. For example, if the glass in your garage door windows is broken, a simple fix will do the trick. However, if entire portions of your garage door are broken, a replacement is likely the more economical option. 

The most telltale sign that your home in Ocean County, NJ could benefit from a new garage door installation is that you are spending more and more money over time to keep it in good shape. You should not have to repair your garage doors multiple times throughout the year, and if you are, there may be a more serious underlying issue.

Garage Door Issues That We Fix

  • Broken garage doors –  Whether it’s your garage door paneling or the window that’s broken, we can help. You may also want to consider an emergency repair service for your garage doors in this case, as a broken garage door exposes you to additional safety risks. 
  • Repair and replacement of certain components – There are multiple components to your garage door that are responsible for different things. For example, the cords are responsible for supporting your garage doors’ weight when it goes up and down, while springs allow it to descend and ascend more gently. If any one of these components is broken or missing, it directly impacts its functionality. 
  • Electrical issues – If you have an automatic garage door opener, any issues with it can be frustrating. We can take care of loose wiring and other electrical issues. 

If your garage doors or awnings in Ocean County, NJ need attention, contact Elmer Door & Exteriors today! We offer an array of installation, repair, and maintenance services to homeowners across Ocean County, NJ!